Adding extras to a lease car?

Found 14th Nov 2016
I am looking at lease cars and am wondering how much extras cost. I.e. is it normal for the customer to pick up the full cost (whether spread over the contract term or upfront).

I asked one leasing company regarding a 24 month contract and they said to just divide the cost of the optional extra by 23 (the no of monthly payments). I wasn't sure exactly what this means. I.e. lets pretend a leather upgrade costs £2300, would I pay £100 extra per month

Is this standard? Surely if I got leather seat upgrade, and am handing the car back after 2 years, should I be footing the full bill considering it will add to the value of the car?

Am I missing something?
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I've been through this a number of times and any extras are always calculated this way. Extras are often viewed as making a car easier to sell but not necessarily adding value even though as an example we both know at resale cars with leather as opposed to standard trim will command a premium price. The only way to make it more cost effective is to take the car over a longer term. Your other alternative is to go for a better spec initially or look for special offers which will probably work out cheaper than loading a more basic spec...hope this helps
ive leased a few times and it tends to only work out a really good deal if your not too fussy about the spec of the car, my current car I put no extras on it as the price of the car never mind the extras went up rather than just take the spec that was in stock
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