Adding heat... how much can you add in 1 hit?

    Ive been on HUKD for years now, but only recently(ish) started posting deals. Ive found that i can now add 5 degrees rather than 1-2 degrees.

    What is the maximum heat that 1 person can bestow?


    9 i think

    I add or take off 7 degrees not sure how much it goes up/changes by

    used to be 9 was the maximum but think its 8 now

    I am sure you can cool by 20+ though I think.

    I believe it's related to comment count not deals posted count.
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    dont hate the 8

    Original Poster

    cool, lots of quick comments... i guess the more deals you add the more heat you can add or take from other deals.

    +/- 8 is the max, as far as I know

    BTW, Admin said

    Posts you make in misc etc have no impact on your voting power.

    the other day.
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    ok, cool, so 8 degrees is the general consensus. Ive still got a bit of a way to go yet then.

    +8 -7 for me.

    it alternates between 7 and 8 for both hot and cold

    7 for computing, 6 for everything else. I'm guessing it has something to do with the amount of deals or comments you have posted in a certain area.

    Sometimes 7, sometimes 8 so maybe 7.5?

    Mine used to be 9, but now is 7

    That time of the month when this question gets asked again.

    I know there's no stickies but an area with things like this and 'how do I upload a photo' in would be useful

    Are you not just mistaking the fact that when you vote hot or cold, it then gets the current voting value? In the time between you loading the page and voting, a thousand people could vote, so there will be a big jump from what it was when the page loaded, to what it'd be after voting.

    I don't think I've ever been allowed to vote more than once?

    Mine is 5.

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