Adding options to Sky with discount?

    I have Sky at the moment and they gave me a discounted rate in September when I threatened to cancel.

    I want to add the HD pack with box sets for £5 a month. If I do that now, it says on my summary that the discount is still included, but from what I've read online, making changes removes the discount given?

    Is that right?


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    I had the movies discount which remained on my account when I added hd recently. I did it all online

    I added movies online via tcb and it stayed at half price. hth

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    Really? It appears the discount stays on when I go to order.

    Can I remove it at any time?

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    I have the Variety pack at the moment. The family bundle is £5 extra a month and you get hd channels and box sets. Is this in addition to the existing channels i have now?

    Yes it is in addition to what you already have.

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    Great thanks, so the discount should remain right?

    I can see it's a new contract so does that mean the discounted price will remain for 12 months?

    if you have/ever get sports or movies they won't be in hd, you need the actual hd pack for those

    The rate you got in September will still end when they said it would, the family bundle contract is separate

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    I don't have movies or sport anyway but thanks for the heads up.

    Have now added it. I guess they will still have discounted offers for me in Sept like they did last year still though right?

    Yeh there's always something...I've never paid full price in the 8 years I've had it, I used to ring them up to blag offers etc but last couple of times I've got great deals via live chat

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    Oh really? I thought you had to call them. They can only discount you when the contract is up right? Even though I'm now in a 12 month contract by adding the family bundle, I'm guessing I can still call 12 months after I last did to get it reduced?

    Haha, I try something atleast once a month! Just the basic "I'm looking to save some money, is there anything you can do to help" usually works. I rang up once enquiring about multi screen and ended up with half price multi screen for 12 months, a new 2Tb Wi-Fi box and a new standard Wi-Fi box for the 2nd room!

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    And you do that via live chat?

    Yep, just make a copy of any conversations (printout/screen shot) for future reference when they try to say something was a 12 month contract but you have proof they said 6

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    And you get discounts all the time??

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    How do you contact them on live chat?!

    Click on contact us and select about your tv package or whatever, then choose cancel

    Then this should appear

    It'll either say connect to an advisor or that there's none available
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