Posted 6th Feb 2023 (Posted 13 h, 42 m ago)
Hi, I recently bought a house and my parents will be living with me. Both of them get benefits and therefore are eligible for council tax discount. Is there any way I can add them to the council tax so I can apply for the discount? I am based in London.
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    Instead of asking here just call or email the council!
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    You say it's your house and they will be staying with you, the Council tax bill is issued to the home owner which is you. By them living with you , you will lose your 25% discount for you living alone ( if you do )
    From my knowledge they would only be able to apply for Council tax benefit if they were the ones that owned the house but savings do come in to play ( I think you have to have less than 8K ? to qualify) Hope this helps.
    For a more specified answer go to Gov - council tax benefits for the current guidelines to make sure . (edited)
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    The Council Tax reduction scheme is different for each Council as they can set their own bespoke scheme for people under pension age . Many councils no longer offer a second adult rebate and as there are 3 adults in the property you wouldn't be eligible even if they did unless one of them was disregarded, so your parents moving in may actually cost you money as you won't be entitled to a 25% single person discount as the resident owner you will be solely liable for the Council tax bill and you can't add them to the bill as they don't own the property. (edited)
    how many councils no longer offer a second adult rebate? which ones?
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    as far as i am aware, you will be liable for full council tax. they would only be able to apply for council tax benefits if they own the property and you are living with them, and not the other way round.
    A good friend of mine lives in his father's housing association property. The bill is in the dad's name and who is exempt from paying it.

    Son works full time. There's no charge to him (edited)
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    Are you all moving in on the same day? If not, you'll need to contact the council to add them. You can do it online.

    Previously you were extending/renovating your house, not moving? You sure you want them living with you??!!!
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    Anonymous User
    Depends - where I live, the first two adults are responsible for paying. However, after a discussion with some friends, we applied for a discount and now get 50% off our bill - 25% for my adult child with additional needs (which needed a GP to confirm - signing a council form which is badly worded/borderline offensive) and 25% discount for my wife as their primary carer.

    So there are ways to get discount, but may be down to how sympathetc the council are. (May also be different in which of the home nations you are in as well.)
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