Adding Rubber Feet to a PS4

Found 16th May 2017
Found sellers who have packs of 10 self adhesive 'feet' which look perfect for the PS4. Is it worth bothering? I thought it might add some air flow underneath the console? Would only be about 5mm but it should help right?
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I wouldn't bother, to be honest. The bottom of the console isn't vented so there's unlikely to be a huge benefit.
I wouldn't bother , I have the original ps4 and I've never had any problems with heat or lack of ventilation and the area around mine is pretty cramped so definitely not a perfect situation but it holds up fine
Vertical with a stand, I suggest.
It costs probably £2/3. I did it with mine and while it isn't a game changer, it surely will reduce temp by a degree or two and it can't do any harm.
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I stripped down both the PS4's in my house fully the other weekend and deep cleaned them & replaced the fan in one as the bearing was getting noisy along with new thermal paste in both. It seems the PS4 draws in most of its and from the back as well as exhausts it that way too despite dust build up on the side vents. Lifting it up might help a bit but I found both consoles which were quite noisy in use had very blocked heat sink fins which might be possible to clean a can of air duster to save pulling the console apart. Both systems are whisper quiet now
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If you have an original style PS4 (not slim or pro) it might be worth doing. There is a fairly common problem with the already attached rubber foot near the disc drive overheating, expanding and causing the disc drive to continually eject. I've had the problem myself and I fixed it by putting an old DVD case under my PS4 at either side, raising the dodgy rubber foot up so it expands down rather than up into the eject mechanism.

You may never get the problem, but a few quid to prevent it ever happening might be worth it. Alternatively you could just wait and buy some feet if you ever do get the fault.
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