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Found 8th May
Hi, I already have M.2 SSD, but when I opened my laptop, I noticed there was an empty space in which a small HDD could fit.

How would I connect this? Is it wise to in terms of heat? Thanks
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make/model ?¿

If it has space for a 2.5" HDD then it was designed to cope with the heat of one, which actually gets hotter than your average SATA SSD.

One thing to watch out for is that it does actually have the cable that connects the SATA drive to the laptop's motherboard. Dell/HP are known to be stingy and save themselves the 15pence for the cable, if the laptop only ships with a M.2 SSD from the factory.
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....... which actually gets hotter than your average SATA SSD.

A slight note of caution; SSD £/gb has fallen dramatically and people are often buying larger SSDs than the drive they are replacing.

SSD heat output is directly proportional to the number of chips it has. Not all SSDs have the same number of chips and they do not exhibit the same thermal characteristics universally. Larger SSDs cause heat build up inside a laptop casing if the cooling fan and/or heat sink has not been designed to cope with it. Look at the specs of your chosen SSD carefully or risk getting a toasted SSD.

Look at the airflow of the space you have seen. It will need a lot of air to keep coll whilst doing full AV scans etc

But quite agree that checking the motherboard has a spare interface if a pre req of going anywhere with the whole idea.
Most people would add a HDD for extra storage not a SSD.
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