Additions cancelling my order & not enough refund?!

    I tried to purchase a portable harddrive thing the other week from additions that was posted on here, however, additions emailed me saying that it was priced incorrectly therefore I wont be getting it but will be able to at a different price if I wish.
    anyway, I just checked my bank statement to see that they took £24.35 and refunded £20.40 which leaves £3.95 missing! There has been no postage of the item as they cancelled it so I'm quite confused as to why there is a difference in price.
    I think people should check their bank statements to see if they have had the same happen!
    Also, I don't suppose anyone knows what I should do about this/ who to contact? I am no good at stuff like this tia! x


    Welcome to the ShopDirect experience...... :-(

    See here…301

    Postage probably. They are always slow refunding that.

    They obviously have not refunded the posted. Ring the customer service and explain.

    Its a pain but they will give it back.

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    Further to your recent order for the Buffalo ministation - 320Gb, catalogue number PH646, I am writing to advise you that this item was incorrectly priced on our website at £24. The correct price of the item is £79.

    They even stipulate it's £24 in the email!!

    I just emailed them and they refunded it within 24 hours.


    I just emailed them and they refunded it within 24 hours.

    yeah and me one quick email does the trick the 3.95 is for delivery

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    okies thanks guys! glad i can email them don't have a house phone lol! :oops:

    i submitted a online complaint and had my missing money refunded v quickly after.

    yeah same happened to me, 2 lactose pools canceled but the cheap £5 bag that i ordered was delivered so been charged the postage.


    If enough people contact their credit card company with payment disputes and trading standards, they might start to ask questions.

    Chasing them up, will get your money, but only until the next scam when it happens over and over again.

    Mines in dispute right now.
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