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    What an absolute bunch of a***s.

    Went to order the Wii Fit using my first order discount code - sent to me legitimately! - only to be told its out of stock.

    My wife logs in, having no discount code and it takes her order and gives a delivery date!!

    The excuse i am given by the jobsworths is that 'new customers cant order the wii fit as their first order'

    new account created at my mums address, wii fit ordered with £30 discount.

    2 days given the run-around for feck all!

    anyone else came across this?


    very strange

    surely that's against some rules somewhere, to decide what a new customer can or can't order?

    Original Poster Banned

    precisely what i tried to explain to the jobsworth team leader.

    their call centre staff said we dont discriminate, while the team leader clearly says that they do!

    Ive had a problem with, a sister company of additions. They are claiming on their site that they have loadsof wii fits in stock, only once you go through the checkout they do not have it in stock! What a waste of time, why on earth they just cant be honest from the start is beyond me!
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