additions ******* direct

    order csi boxset the other day, they have charged me 28.95 even though an email confirmed my discount for 15.00,

    now they cant find out what is wrong until i have my account number... i can't find this anywhere, please help



    they charge u 1st then give u it back after been disphatched x

    They take the full amount and then credit the £15 back.

    Then months later ask for the £15 back again. lol

    log into your account, or look on ur last invoice/statement if you still have one

    Who are Additions Fishing Direct:p

    i can never remember my account number and when I order they search using my post code

    Original Poster

    thank you guys reppd u alll , even the fish guy


    thank you guys reppd u alll , even the fish guy

    [email protected] rep:)

    I would look at your emails
    They have just sent one to me saying no no no clause 3.2 we screwed up on price and you cant have it.
    It what i thought would happen.

    They usually refund the voucher "Within 14 days" of despatch.
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