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Found 26th Oct 2010

I have used the Spend £60 and get £30 off offer with Additions Direct for being a new customer.

However, my order value was £65 with p&p. So my balance was £35, however my card has been charged the full amount???

Will the discount get refunded to me or what?

This is kinda sneaky, as there is not warning of this before hand!

ANy advice will be grateful.

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They always do this - authorise the full cost then credit you back with the value of the discount - if you had a credit account with them it would show up on your statement, however as you have paid by card, and refunds always seem to take longer to be processed than payments, it should show up soon (_;) !
What discount code did you use?
it is refunded 14 days after you receive the item,they hold the discount incase you return the item but ive done it and about a week later you get your money back
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