Additions direct money off codes

    Just wondered if anybody knows of any promotional voucher codes for additions, I have just gone thru all of the listed 1's but unfortunatly they are no longer valid.


    the £30 off a £60 spend works (new customer) as I used it today.

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    Thanku so much but unfortunatly im not a new customer

    You pretty much screwed then, the codes for money off on the littlewoods empire disappear while the sales are on.

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    lol thats typical then just my luck!

    Yup I had to sign up for an additions account just to buy something I wanted from them as I couldnt get a code for empirestores/marshall ward/littlewoods.

    Now I have the full set of accounts.

    Have you tried buying through littlewoods, kays or great universal? They are all the same companies with the same stock, I bought from littlewoods direct earlier to be a 'new customer'

    I have just opened an Additions account to get the £30 off £60 spend, I too have most of the others, only Kays to go then what will I do?!!! :oops:

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    lol its not just me then! i have tried the others but thanx so much 4 ur suggestions the item that im tryin 2 buy is actually £30 dearer in all of the kays, littlewoods etc i have also been that sad that i typed in all the names to try to get the best of them all but with no luck spose il just hace to wait for additions to bring out another 1. So if any1 hears of 1 il b really gr8ful if u cld share it with me


    the £30 off a £60 spend works (new customer) as I used it today.

    what exactly is the £30 off £60 code as I cannot see it, and I've tried all the other discount codes.

    many thanks

    Heat added awesome thanks
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