additions direct order, help? Ds lite

    ordered a ds lite using the £30 off 1st order over £60 and also used the 10% off 1st order code, so the full price of the ds was £63.05 checked my status on the website and it says that £93.05 has been taken? I phoned customer support and they said that the code had been accepted but the way there system works is that they take the full amount (£93.05) and then apparantly will refund the differnce of £30 can anybody confirm this is how it works with an order of your own? as this seems a bit dodgy to me surely the amount I am supposed to pay with discounts should be showing up not the full amount before discount? they also said payment wont be taken till despatch the estiamted date is jan/01/09 should I just cancel it and hope they didnt take any money yet?

    also says 'payment recieved' hmm thinkin the guy I was talking to didnt know what he was talkin bout..


    Scam. Demand a refund.

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    you think I should cancel order?

    Last time I used additions with a voucher they just took the discounted price, not full price, why not call them again or check with your bank, if they have taken too much you may be able to get your bank to reverse the payment.

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    ok just called them again they were helpful and said a note has been placed on the system stating that the £30 will be refunded seperalty after the full payment of £93, guess I just have to wait now delivery in jan....

    Dont panic mate, it took a while but I got the refund from this I also sent the link to 5 other people in the office and they all got the offer ok so you willl too If not you will have an email with confirmation of the adjusted rate just say trading standards and you will be fine.
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