Additions direct(littlewoods) faulty mobile phone policy?

I bought my daughter the sony erricson w810i mobile phone a couple of months ago when it first went into the sale. From the start the camera has never worked, i contacted customer services and they told me to return it but they had sold out so they would credit my account. so she decided to keep it with faulty camera.
Yesterday they came back into stock, or so i thought(won't go through checkout).
I contacted them hoping to send this one back and swap for a new one but she told me that i could end up paying for 2 then. I was told to send it back and they would check and repair it or replace it? I was always under the impression that they just credit your account for a faulty phone so i must have asked her 3 times if this was correct and she was adamant that they would replace the phone.
Thing is not sure what to do as i'm sure she's wrong. I did email sony erricson and they told me to send it to them to look at so what do i do? my daughter loves this phone and paid for it herself out of her birthday money.


if it can be reapired they will repair it, if not you get a new one. Seems fair enough to me, it has been 2 months. It's the time thats the issue, in their eyes the phone was working when you received it.

As stated by their staff(they should know), they will check it and repair or replace.

E-mail them and ask the same question, you will then have a written copy of their response.

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I was just unsure as a few years ago i bought a phone and it developed a fault and when i returned it all they did was credit my account.

if you send it to sony ericsson chances are you will get it back in 2 or 3 days. Also what network is it on-you used to be able to tak into the store with t-mobile and they would send for you..

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Its on t-mobile. Sony erricson told me to first try downloading the new updated software which i did but i couldn't get it to go on the phone(prob me being thick). If that didn't work to send it in which was a freepost address but obviously i would have to insure it.
I just think that if i send it back to additions they will credit it back to my account if they have no more in stock, which is what i was told when i first got it.

and is it more expensive to buy elsewhere?

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i got it for £30

ok then u dont want the refund? try the local t-mobile store and ask if they can get repaired for you? i used to work there and we did it then for anyone on t-mobile..or send it to sony ericsson. I wouldnt risk the refund!

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think it will have to be sony as not sure where the nearest t-mobile shop is to me.

keep the simcard as they wont need that-and dont forget it will probably lose any games or ringtones she has added. They may just send a new one anyway. I would put a full explanation of faults with it..
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