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    Hi, hope I've got this in the right place! Only just joined so just finding my way around! I am looking to buy a Samsung washer and fridge freezer, had a search on here and found voucher code XX057 which apparently gives 30% off for new customers which would be great as the two items come to neary a grand!!! My question is.......if the code is accepted at the checkout do they then always honour it? I've read about some sites accepting the code but then not honoring it and I don't want that to happen as its quite a bit of money!

    Thanks in advance of any help you can give me!!!


    why not ring the order in and you can confirm over the phone you are eligable to use it that way it will be peace of mind for you, other than that its a bit of a chancer if it works or not
    good luck

    The majority of reputable shops etc do honour discount codes - as in what you pay at the till is what you pay - after the code / voucher has been taken into account. What you can't always do is use more than one code/voucher - but even that sn't the same for every place, as some are happy to let you use many different coupons.

    Generally though if the coupon is valid and it has deducted the amount from the total - then that is what you pay. Be careful with some as they do exclude certain items such as electrical - but again it very much depends on the retailer.


    it should deffo work if your a new customer cos they not going to want to loose you as a new customer, If your not sure though why dont you ring them up and ask what discounts they can give you. Might be better getting these items out of littlewoods though instead as you would earn quite a bit cash back on a grand :thumbsup: also 8% quidco

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    Thanks for the quick replies people!!! I think I will ring like you suggest, didn't realise you could do that, assumed the codes were just for the net!

    [quote=Doglet;5235273]Thanks for the quick replies people!!! I think I will ring like you suggest, didn't realise you could do that, assumed the codes were just for the net![/quote]

    But that's just it - most of them ARE for the internet - I wouldn't neccessarily expect you to walk into a shop and present them with the token and expect them to honour it - as they have far more overheads and so on and in some cases are a separate entity entirly from the internet operation....

    So I couldn't guarantee that it would work in that scenario if that is what you meant?


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    No wouldn't expect to use it in a shop but if I can ring the order hotline shown on the website for additions and use it then thats good!
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