Address problem when buying on-line

    I've tried to buy a couple of things on-line today but when the site checks out my address it says that it is invalid. Anyone else having this problem?


    What site is it that you are having a problem with?

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    Amazon & Misco

    Are you in a new house or flat?

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    Everything has worked fine in the past.

    No idea then you could try clearing your cookies. Amazon will have you details saved anyway if you have used before?

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    Yep used Amazon many times and have now treid on 3 pcs one running vista, one xp and one running linux.

    That's very strange. I had something similar on another site when I tried sending to an address and when I emailed. The response was the address was valid but I was putting one line in the wrong section that it was expecting. But as you've ordered before with no issues I'd e-mail them.…tml
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