Adidas employee gives football fan buying girlfriend Real Madrid shirt epic advice on his love life

    The Adidas worker, known only as Silviu, engaged in a conversation with Twitter user @JoshMiitchy_ after he had asked for help on whether or not to buy his girlfriend a Real Madrid shirt from the company’s website.

    After initially being asked for his thoughts on Raheem Sterling’s position at Liverpool, Silviu was then asked to give his thoughts on if a Los Blancos jersey would look good on a female.

    The Adidas employee replied by telling Josh that an oversized shirt would indeed ‘look good’ on a girl before he was then forced to defend what he had just said by insisting he hadn’t called the guy’s partner fat.

    The conversation then took an interesting turn, with Josh admitting he was actually a Barcelona supporter – prompting Silviu to end the conversation off with some advice on the customer’s love life.

    See the comical, if unusual, exchange below.


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    Reposted for the impact

    ^^^ Makes sense to have portable air bags that she/it can take with her from car to car.

    Brilliant Thanks OP!
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