Adidas End to End Trainers

    After looking on the footlocker website i found these trainers which i really like, but i cant find them, i think there limited edition and only came out in the past 2 months, i found some on ebay but going for £150+

    Item number: 130104395580

    Has anyone heard of them and do you know were i can get them from? also has any one seen these in footlocker?


    these only came out 2 weeks ago i bought a pair from manchester and they only had 2 left at the time, mine worked out at £53

    cant get them i doubt it now only 600 worldwide

    If you are looking for a little bit of the 'out of the ordinary', try the Adidas 1.1s. They are cool looking, and functional too. More functional that a £150 pair of plimsoles :?
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