Adidas Forest Hills / Nike Monte Carlo - JD Voucher

    I'm after some adidas Forest Hills, they are £59.99 from JD:…633

    Also some Nike Monte Carlo's £54.99 from JD:…636

    I want both pairs and I would qualify for the free delivery, but I would want to buy them both from the store as they are quite expensive.

    Does anyone know of any cheaper places for these particular trainers?

    Or of any voucher/codes for JD Sports?



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    Found the Monte Carlo at La Redoute for £20 but they are out of Stock!

    Never seen these before but am determined to get me some of those White Nikes!!!!!!

    Will let you know if I find any, and vice versa as well please?

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    Yeah sure, thanks

    I saw them but they had just gone out of stock! They had some brown ones aswell.
    How do you look at them when they are out of stock? You got a item number? I think il give them a ring and see if they are getting any more in

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    Still no luck!

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    The childrens ones are reduced at JD, maybe the adults will be soon!?

    Ive just had a search for u too (have too much time on my hands!!), but I cant find anything cheaper. They got em on ebay, but as usual, u risk buying fakes. Soz, I tried my best!! Hope u find a good deal eventually!


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    Think im going to buy the adidas forest hills as they are new in so shouldnt be cheaper else where,
    I cant justify paying £55 for the nike monte carlo's when they wer £19.50 at la redoute, possible £9.50 if id used the voucher code!

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    Come on people!
    I'm going into town tomorrow and would prefer to find them cheaper elsewhere!

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    I agree the Forest Hills look well smart,might try and get some for meself.

    Have you tried your local TK Maxx,I got some size 11 Stan Smiths last year from there for £20.

    JD do 10% off if you are a student:thumbsup:
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