Adidas Predator's - Deadstock / Wholesale

    Hi folks,

    Wondering if anyone can help. As you may or may not be aware the Adidas predator boots are still in production however the new versions are poo and from personal preference and the large size of my feet the old 'Mania' version from the 2002 World Cup are the only ones i really like. Sadly i am not alone in this and when they pop up on Ebay or whatever they go for silly money even well broken in 2nd hand condition.

    For a while there was someone who hit a goldmine of them as they were 'deadstock' with the newer versions coming out. These were coming from Indonesia and i managed to stock up on 4 or 5 pairs to keep me going. As with all good things this was a finite source and has now sadly came to an end.

    I know there are places out there where i can get them so looking for some assistance with wholesalers or buying in bulk. I've contacted Adidas but they don't want to know.

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    I to am a very big fan of mania range of adidas predator ive been looking on net for years and have contacted adidas myself about thiss range it appears the only way of getting these is ebay believe me.
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