Found 14th Dec 2006

After a pair for 5 a side football really, so the cheaper I can find them the better

I'm after size 10 and can't find them anywhere, so even a pair in stock would be great progress! Thank you!

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Bump please?

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None on there, but thanks anyway

Anymore please?

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Bump, please? ;x

They GOTTA be suede? JJB have a pair for £29.99 plus postage, in size 10, but they're super samba's :-(

PS, if you have found any so far, please can you tell us how much, that way, we know what we're up against, i could search all night, but if you're trying to save pennies, let us know

hey i work in sportsworld, go to any sportsworld they do that shoe.. but don't know if they have in stock your size. the price is 31.49.


just a quick word on the samba`s I have had to return mine as the heel started to come away from the sole after about 5 months and the manager of our local sports shop reported that its a common fault so he did me a great deal on another pair of addidas trainers

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Thanks for the replies guys! I'm now a little confused as to what I should do, I did really like the look of the samba suedes, but not if they're going to fall apart! ;-)

Huge thanks for the link boydent999, unfortunately I'm not really liking the style of those at all, and likewise for cfm2006; huge thanks for the info, great price indeed, but unfortunately I don't know where the nearest sports world is, never really heard of the shop before ;x

Can anyone else recommend any trainers that'd be suitable for indoor football plz?

My samba suedes are falling apart, the sole coming off at the front on the left shoe. Shame, because they look great. Going to buy more but keep the receipt this time!

[SIZE=2]Got a pair of Samba super's and a pair of Samba super Suede's and had no problem with quality, and they did get some rough treatment.[/SIZE]

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Here’s a site that sell Samba super Suede [/FONT][/COLOR]

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