Adivice reg dimond ring missing diamonds

    Hi I purchased a ring from my local store on the 27/3/09 but have discovered today that one of the small diamonds is missing now I'm not sure if it was like this or if it has fallen out but if it is the latter surely it should be better quality than this to last more than 2 weeks?

    can anyone advise what rules apply to things like this?

    at work now so will contact store once home



    its Sales of Goods Act I would think, but jewellery can be excluded in some instances so I'm not sure.. Call your store and find out what they are prepared to do for you? I would exaggerate a little and say you just got it out the box and noticed the stone is missing and it was like that when you bought it :P

    I wouldn't lie about it, I would just explain what kind of day to day activities you've taken up to prove you haven't misused it or anything (such as boxing or scraping it against walls etc lol) and see what they're willing to do.

    If it's a small diamond such as a couple points, then it won't cost much for them to insert another diamond but if it's a high quality/big diamond, they may cause problems because they'll ask you to bring to find the diamond, so they can tighten the prongs grip.

    Remember to explain how you can't understand how it dropped out and it must of have happened while walking etc.

    Good luck and keep us posted. :thumbsup:
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