Adjust old French patio doors?

Posted 31st Jul
Hi I have some old patio doors which were in my house when I moved in 20 years ago. They've never been easy to open or close, but it's got to point when I really struggle to close them as bottom corner where the two doors join hits the frame. Is there a way to adjust them as the screws on the hinges just seem to move the doors back or forwards instead of up (or down). Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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You need to toe and heel them. Have a look on YouTube. That will sort you out
Just did my doors as they was catching and there only three months old but the hot weather makes the stick and expand.

If you flip the top black cap off that will make it go up or down , does on mine the side ones make the door come in or go out .

When i adjust them I do all
Three together , you have 2 but in tandem
Adjust them
I have very similar hinges. the lower plastic washer had basically worn away. I moved the top washer to the bottom as a short term fix. Had to do it for each hinge
Thanks for the help, I've had a look at a few websites with suggestions but here seems the best advice. I'll have a look tomorrow to see what I can do.
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