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    I have to create a flash movie that opens sub movies in a new flash window.

    My question is though, what is the easiest way to achieve this?

    Becuas elast year i created them all as .swf files but couldnt get them to interact together.



    i got this book when i was doing flash movies and it was super helpful, you can get it new/used for just over £7…tml
    other than that im afraid i cant help u because iv forgotten everything. i did find that asking google did help if i asked the right question
    your going to have to copy some actionscript from somewhere i reckon thats what i had to do for my website

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    Thanks for help. I hate flash but its part of my course so gotta do it.

    have to do a 30sec intro aswell...any ideas welcome!

    what about a loading page, you can do them where something fill ups as the percentage gets higher.
    try adobe tv aswel for tutorials theyr supposed to be helpful

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    As the title of the assignment is "About me" i was hoping to have a cartoon me walking along a street...

    This proved harder than i thought.

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    Could anyone tell me what a splash screen is?

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