Adobe gives up on giving the iPhone Flash support, haha so Nokia, Blackberry, Android etc should get this year

    hahaha sorry cant stop laughing



    You know the iphone has half of the things on the list

    Yes - not quite sure what his point is...

    i think he's saying the current iphone has some of those, but when the 3g first came out it didn't. Still that was 2 years ago. Happy HTC owner here with flash working fine.

    htc touch hd was a crap phone , i sold it and got an iphone which is 100% better so again dont get your point

    who cares? the iphone is the better phone by miles




    TIINGF? I don't get it?


    seen this last week

    Daring iPhone owners could try running Android on their iPhone - dual boot too, best of both worlds!…71/

    I'm going to give this a shot when I get home!

    all about teh html 5 actually

    fo sho
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