Adobe Photoshop advice please

    Hi there

    Was wondering if anyone can help?

    I have inserted a pic (clipart) in a canvas. Have used a similar coloured background i.e used the dropper tool to match the colour so they mixed in.

    Now is there anyway I can embed this clipart into the background so I can include some text?

    Its just that the text goes behind the clipart when I need it in front!

    Sorry if it sounds confusing



    Move the layer of the text to the top, there should be a tab named layers on the right hand side.

    Hey there,

    You dont need to embed the image to be able to apply text. Photoshop works using layers. If you look down on the right hand side there should be a layers palette. If its not there go to window (top bar) then go down to layers. This will show you the layers already created.

    Then you can create a new layer and then use the text tool from the tools palette on the left hand side. The tool is a T.

    Hope that helps?

    Original Poster

    Excellent guys! All sorted!

    Yup, all I had to do was bring the layer to the top which included the text!

    Many Thanks!

    No problem
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