Adobe Premier Pro Help please.

    I had a load of old 8mm cine film converted and put onto DVD and they took up 2 x 4.7Gb discs. I converted them from UDF to AVI and ended up with 2 files just over 1Gb each. The original cine conversion was not done in any particular order so we have imported all the individual clips into Premier Pro and put them into the correct sequence, faded from one to the next and added titles, but no soundtrack. The final file is now a whopping 40Gb and too big to do anything with. Can anyone please tell us why it has saved to such a huge file and how we can reduce it without losing too much quality as we still want to add some background music to the project.


    If its 40 gig in Prem that's just the way the prog handles the raw data. If you export it to the format you want (.avi, dvd ect) it'll get smaller.

    when you render it down to a proper format it will be smaller, for cine I would go for 4:3 SD res, approx 25fps and 64 or 128bps AC3 audio, should down mix nicely

    it will take time to render though

    if you just choose to export to avi. it will be 40gb +.

    if you click flie, then export, then adobe media encoder it will give you a whole host of different video options/sizes/qualitys to play with. It may take some time to find the one that offers you the quality you want for under 4.7gb but this it the only way im afraid.

    Once you have exported the video in the way you want import it back in and you can add music.

    hope this helps.


    Choose WMV or one of the other avis, you've saved it as a lossless avi. … Choose WMV or one of the other avis, you've saved it as a lossless avi. Maybe you should pirate a simpler program (just an assumption as I presume if you spent £600 on some software you'd know what you were doing)?

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