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Found 29th May 2008
morning guys, was thinking a good gift would be to adopt a tiger from wwf.. most websites day £30 payment a year but wwf say you can pay £2.50 amonth.. does anyone know if theres a minimum number of months u can pay or how they take the money out? i searched the website and can only seem to find info like "what is a tiger" lol Thankyou!

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I'd recommend NOT doing it on the high st!!! The people that try to get you to sign up get paid... which in my opinion defeats the object of donating money!
Call me naive... but i always had it in my head that those people were charity workers.. but they aren't! gready ******s that don't care about the animals (or charity!)

hum de dum, end of my wee rant...

anyway, I think whsmiths sell packs to do with adopting animals... my sister got her goat ones from the oxfam website...

how about trying a zoo if you're not against that type of thing...
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