ADrive Upload java applet hijacks my browser

Whenever I start uploading files to adrive then the current browser window cannot be accessed. Is there a way around this or do I have to use a new browser for other activities. Its just that the hijacked browser stays as the default one so gmail notifier etc no longer works as the browser is under adrive applet control?

Surely a backup site shouldnt take over your browsing session, especially as my current upload is going to take 108 hours!



i dont know whether this will work but have you tried to set the connection setting in the Java machine to "direct connection" and not "use browser setting"?

or you can install another browser

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thanks - any idea where in the control panel I might find the 'direct connection' option?

There will be a JAVA icon in the control panel.
click it, the network setting is in the "General" tab

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thanks - will give it a go once current upload terminates in 4 days lol
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