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Hi All,

I am currently with zen and am very happy with the broadband service, however there is a 20gb cap and it costs me £1 per gb over and as I download a lot of linux distros and use the internet constantly for my work I hit and exceed that limit regularly.

I am ideally after a 50gb or unlimited account, but it needs to be reliable - very reliable. I also have a static IP so that would be nice too (though not essential) and they need to offer std rate telephone support in the event that I need to speak to them!

Tall orders eh! I currently Pay £24.99 inc vat + £1 per excess gb.

Obviously do not need modem/router as I have that - though would not be turning away a freebie!

Any ideas?


Try O2 Broadband
If you have an O2 mobile you can get 10 megabits unlimited for £10/month or £15 if you don't.
You can also get £25 back from Quidco. I think you also get a free wireless router which you could sell on eBay if you don't need it.

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That certainly sounds like a good deal, even with a static IP it comes in cheaper than I get now. does anyone have experience of 02 bb? thanks!

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Looks like any services over 8mb (or ones that require the company to place equipment in local exchanges) are not available here yet.

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Unfortunately no go on talk talk here. We have our line rental from BT and calls from talk talk already. But to get 2mb BB from them will cost over £30 a month!

We currently have 8mb.....

Thanks for the suggestion - seems like our exchange is the issue! :oops:
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