Found 26th Mar 2007
I have just hard reset my USR9110 ADSL modem and now it will not be detected by any of my PC's via wireless or ethernet!!!

Any ideas? I am not a network whizz by the way, this was my first ever wireless network and was just learning as I went along. I have just hijacked my neighbours network to login to see if i can get help. Sick as a sod, if I do not get it working again I will have to plug one of those stupid usb modems in and be stuck with one PC connected to the internet until I get my new router sometime this week.

I am currently on the computer upstairs as the one downstairs will not bring up any web pages even though it says i am connected to my neighbours modem. Stupid thing!!! I will be taking this PC downstairs later thsi afternoon and see if I can get any visual on the USR modem via ethernet, in the meantime I am getting some kip once I get kids to school, been up all night trying to get this sorted and still no luck!!

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