Posted 2nd Jan 2023
Hi All,

For those that take and prepare lunch for work,
What do you make and take for lunch?

Looks for new ideas for 2023

I normally make a sandwich or Pasta and wanted to learn and find out what others do?
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    I used to go big for a packed lunch. Now it's cheese and ham sandwiches EVERYDAY.
    To keep it fresh you should alternate cheese and ham with ham and cheese
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    There's a couple of people on instagram/tiktok 'boredoflunch' and 'tamingtwins' who post pretty good lunch ideas.
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    I often make a little extra on an evening meal and take what's left over. Curries, casseroles, lasagne etc. Either that or a quick salad or soups
    Same here.
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    2 liters of water for lunch
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    Batch cook on a weekend. Make up things that can easily be turned into other stuff. A large pan of mince can be made into a chilli, bolognese, tacos, burritos etc box them up, freeze them and pull them out the night before work.

    a large pan of rice is great, you can make a nice dirty rice out of some of it, chicken rice and veg, tandoori chicken rice etc
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    Always get the good bread and good fillings! It’ll always be cheaper than buying lunch somewhere. Buying bakery bread instead of basic supermarket bread makes a huge difference to lunch sandwiches


    Marinated chicken and rice is another one I like (edited)
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    Pasta sammich?
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    I alternate with a week of tuna mayo and a week of egg mayo in wholemeal bread. Take a apple, packet of crisp and a chocolate bar. Have two bottles of water in the lunch bag. I prep both fillings on Sunday evening and make each sandwich the night before. Personally think the simple the better.

    I work in central london and i am amazed to see of how many people go to these high street food places like leon, itsu etc and spend on average a minimum of £5 each day and then we see in the media people trying to make ends meet. Don't get me started off with each pret, nero, cost and starbucks coffee shops packed out from 7am! (edited)
    Central London, they're all minted and can afford it
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    Ain't got time for Lunch but some of these are tragic.
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    I take a big soup in a food flask with some bread
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    I have two salads I make for lunch.

    Caesar Salad, chicken, lettuce, carrot, cabbage (You can buy a mix in Asda or Tesco which is better than buying various different veg - and less prep lol), a few cherry or Plum tomatoes and a Caesar dressing. I skip on the croutons but you can add them if you aren't on a weight loss journey like I am.

    Ham Hock salad, pretty much the same as above but I put some grated cheese in with it and use a Honey Mustard dressing.

    Obviously you can have a bag of crisps or some fruit along with it if this isn't enough (Calories ranged from about 300-500 for the salad on it's own).

    I don't have a microwave at work so this does me good and I try not to eat too much bread.
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    I'm a fat dad. I either have soup (no bread), or skip lunch all together and munch on mixed nuts through the day (not salted). Is cheap to buy your own favoured nuts and chop or crack open and mix together. (edited)
    Nuts only?
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    Peanut butter sandwiches for me. Not ideal as these get rather dry by 14:00. I prefer mayo and meat or home made pizza reheated. I used to take a sandwich maker with me to work but it dropped a few times and now i don't take the car in. I would say a lunch is better than high calorie snacking
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    Cheese and crackers, overnight oats, porridge,noodles
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    Good quality cottage cheese i like not the watery stuff.
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    How about cooking off a bit of meat at the weekends (pulled beef / chicken etc?) Then add it to a salad for lunch or make fajitas. Alternate days with soup/ salad and sarnies.. jobs a good un
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    A melon (honeydew normally), a fresh pineapple and some grapes. Chop the melon and pineapple into bitesize pieces and chuck in the grapes, instant fruit salad. It lasts about 4 day. Occasionally add some chunks of cheese in for a different flavour.
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    I like to do tinned mackerel or sardines mixed with packet cous cous sometimes. A colleague brings in left over biryani. Smells amazing
    Had a colleague who had tinned mackerel for lunch everyday

    Stank the place out and no one spoke to him in the afternoons

    Please think of others!!! (edited)
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    Humuz (plus sweet chilli sauce maybe) crackers and maybe grapes or carrot sticks
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