Advanced Command-Line Intel Chipset Extraction?

Found 26th Mar 2014
Hi all, I need some command-line tech guys to assist me in extracting the Intel Chipset Drivers from the original .Execute file..

The folder in which the .execute is placed in is called c:\Intel and the .execute file is called SetupChipset

Can anyone help me extract these drivers so I can manually update them, Thanks.

PS: Please Do No Suggest I simply install them from the execute file I have already done that.
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There are several options (albeit not all command-line solutions as you requested):

1. Run the executable with the /? or -? switch to obtain a list of switches that may be used to extract the encapsulated files. The actual switch may be -a, thus SetupChipset.exe -a may well extract the files.
2. Universal Extractor (legroom.net/sof…act) can also extract the files.
3. 7-Zip (7-zip.org/) is able to extract compressed EXE files in the zipped format. I am not sure if Intel use the ZIP format but you could try 7-Zip if the above fails.

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