Hi there, about 45 minutes ago I ordered a new mp3 player from, this transaction went through fine, and i thought that would be it until i received my order. However, I have just received an email from them saying that security information is needed to complete my order. This is the email:


    Why am I being asked for security information? I thought my order would be despatched straight away?

    You are being asked for security information because the address you entered as your "Cardholder" address was indicated to be either incorrect or incomplete by your Credit/Debit card company OR because you have requested your order to be shipped to alternate private address which is not permitted. We have to ensure that this information is correct to protect customers from Credit Card fraud.

    Your order is currently being held awaiting completion of routine additional security checks. Consequently, in order to despatch your order, we require the following details from you:

    A copy of the top section of your Credit/Debit card statement (as received monthly through the post from your Credit/Debit card company); this should show your Credit/Debit Card number and your cardholder address together.

    PLEASE NOTE we cannot accept a picture of your credit card.

    How do I send this to you?

    Email a copy to us as a JPEG attachment by replying to this email ([email protected]). FAX a copy to us: 0131 273 4397 (or +44 131 273 4397 if you are calling from outside the UK)

    Why do you need this information?

    This information helps to validate that you are the authorised owner of the Credit/Debit card used to place this order and helps to prevent Credit/Debit card fraud. If you cannot supply this information, please kindly telephone us (0131 273 4388).

    We are sorry about the inconvenience this may cause you. Please reply within 3 working days otherwise your order will be automatically cancelled and your Credit card refunded.

    Thank you for shopping with Advanced MP3 Players.
    If you have any queries about your order, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]"

    I have never had anything like this before and i was wondering if this is a normal procedure and if anyone has had this sort of email before.

    May i also say, what a wonderful site, i have used it many times when ordering online since i discovered it.

    Thank you.


    Hi dont worry I got one of them from also I entered an issue no instead of leaving it blank they just want to make sure you are the card holder and someone is not using it fraudulantly just phone number will be cleared up straight away and your item will be dispatched.hope this helps:santa:

    Original Poster

    Thank you very much for a quick and helpful reply! I will give them a ring tomorrow and hopefully I will receive my lovely new discounted (thanks to hotukdeals voucher section :D) mp3 player.

    Merry Christmas to everyone on the site.:santa:

    I ordered from them a few years back.
    Great customer service.:thumbsup:

    they are a legitimate firm, used to browse their stand in ocean terminal all the time.
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