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Advantages and disadvantages of mass and niche marketing....

Posted 16th Nov 2008
I am doing some work for school and I need to list the advantages and disadvantages of mass and niche marketing and I have ran out of ideas.

Anyone know any advantages and disadvantages?

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Mass marketing cheaper per person and can reach a wider audience, the problem being that as its done on mass it is not targeted.

Nich marketing is more expensive (generally) to do on a per person basis but you are targeting very small segements of people and so is very targeted and will generally get better results.

It all depends on the product as to which one you would choose. Niche marketing is a more personaly thing and so people respond better to it.
- adv Easier to manage, cost effecive because of eonomies of scales, proven to work, predictable response rates, quicker to set up
-dis not personal, assumes everyones values beliefs motivations needs etc. are the same (hollistic), low %response rate, lots of competition, lower profit margins requiring higher responses to claw back acquisition costs, often ignores customer life cycles
- Personal, 1 to 1, CRM, Higher conversion rates, works well with retention activities,
-Dis expensive to implement and often higher cost per acquisition in the short-medium term, complex to set up, inefficient business processes, often requires knowledge of the customer which may be unknown and expensive to find out
was going to type a respond when I read Titchimp's comment.

He sumed it up quite nicely. Niche (targeted) marketing would generate a far better response from the consumer base. It is especially useful if the company don't have a wide assortment of products for all age groups. ie. sell clothes to young male customers
^ is all good but don't forget simple things such as carbon footprint being significantly less if using niche marketing - may be important in some sectors & for certain tax breaks if you are adhering to green principles/standards.
It can also affect customer - business perception - If you want loyal customers who percieve themselves as valued as opposed to any old bloke then niche may be preferable. "Exclusive offers" & "loyalty discounts" can be a good way of garnering repeat business.
Cheers for the help everyone.

it is very general

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