Advent 4211 Reinstallation CD

Found 27th Feb 2009
Hi all,
Netbook has crashed, can't do anything without it !!!
Has anyone got this CD I can borrow, will pay for special delivery both ways.
Much heat added if you can help
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Nope have a pc and i dont even have the recovery files for it it went missing some how lol
mighty-sausage i lol'ed
You don't need a re-installation CD for the 4211.

It has a hidden 3gb recovery partition on it which puts it back to factory settings.

Lemme get the instructions for the recovery procedure.
All the different ways to recover it are in the Manual here : :thumbsup:


Section 3-13 to 3-17.
Turn on your laptop and when the advent splash screen appears press the delete key,
Then choose launch techguys recovery,
then follow the on screen instructions
If you have deleted the recovery let me know and i may be able to sort out a
SD card with the recovery on,
I cannot boot into tech guys section via boot options F8,F11 or Del.
It just keeps asking for recovery cd,
Will it run from the SD slot ??
I have a 2gb SD card with the recovery on,This recovers your Netbook to the same as you bought it new .It even reinstalls the recovery partition,I will sell you this for £10 including postage and that way you can keep it for use in the future,Not all SD cards work but a few do and so do some USB sticks,This one is tested and works or if you like you can return it and i will refund the money less postage ,let me know asap,PS is yours the 80gb model ?/

Here's the Recovery Image that needs downloaded & extracted onto a 2gb … Here's the Recovery Image that needs downloaded & extracted onto a 2gb USB stick minimum :http://cid-fd6efd09c0b4c78f.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/DropZone/Advent%204211%20Recovery%20Key%20Image

Has anyobody tried using an image like this,I know the Techguys recovery creates a NTFS disk
I am interested in the Sd card option,
I have the 80gb model,
At this point then, is it worth swapping out the hard drive to 160 - 320gb and then reformat ???
Are you wanting to swap the hard drive,If you are this will put a clean install on whichever drive you use,When you turn on the pc and press f11 you should see fthree choices
SATA WDC WD800bevs
Realtek boot agent
Generic multi card
is this what you see when you turn on and press f11 ?
going to bed now but let me know asap,I just need to know that when you start up and press f11 the option is there to select generic multi card 1.0,This is the card reader and will allow you to boot from a sd card ,If that choice is not there then you may have a problem with the BIOS,
Yes it does give me this option,
How do you want to proceed ??
If you have paypal i will send you my contact details and i can post this morning,I will send you the card and instructions how to use it,
Yes I have Paypal,
Let me know your details and I'll send it through,
PM sent ,Sorry for having to charge but i borrowed one to someone on a forum and never heard from him again,:whistling:
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