Advent 4211 which extended battery? 4400mah or 5200mah ?

Found 4th Oct 2008
Finally decided on and purchased two Advent 4211's one for me and my fiancee we originaly planned to get the 5200mah battery from medion but a search on ebay showed this 4400mah battery

What is the difference, i would assume the higher the mah the better though I could be wrong

Medion Battery:
Goto and put in search box E1210 to make the battery show up

Ebay Seller's:…m14

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Hi. The higher the mAh number the more charge it can hold, therefore the longer it will last between recharges. Cheers.
Neither offer picture on how much it sticks out of the netbook (which it will) or even the dimensions so you could get an idea and neither list how much it weighs so I'd be a bit wary of buying either.

Ideally you want the highest number of ampere hours in the lightest and smallest package, although you also have to consider whether you'd rather have it sticking out of the back (and potentially stopping the hinge opening as much as it will now) or sticking out of the bottom and putting a bigger angle on the keyboard and making the netbook thicker.

Right now it appears you don't have much choice though, so if the higher capacity batteries are essential you'll just have to order one and hope.

FWIW the official MSI wind 6-cell battery is 4400mAh and sticks out the bottom:…/p2

EDIT: Also, quality seems to be a factor in how long it actually lasts, but neither ebay nor medion are known for consistently high quality.
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