Advent Netbook

    Does anyone have one and are they any good? Dont know the brand very much but saw a cheap one at curry's which seems to have a big hard drive, but I am not sure if they are any good.


    I've had an Advent desktop before and it was an absolute workhorse - I loved it. I don't know specifically about their netbooks though.

    Strangely enough I have been tasked with fixing a faulty ERT2250 that keeps crashing, googling this problem would put me off ever buying from Dixons group. There are literally hundreds of threads about the same problem from around 3 years ago which the Dixons group completely washed their hands of even though it is blatantly obvious there was a design fault.
    Reading the reports of the handling of these cases I would never go near this group when purchasing a laptop.

    Maybe look at alternative sellers just in case it does go wrong if possible.
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    Haha - my daughter informs me that the laptop I bought her two years ago is an Advent 9515. That was a very cheap refurb and has always worked fine, even with very heavy use - only maintenance it has had is some dust removal and new thermal paste a couple of months ago.
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