Hi guys would love to hear your opinions about my current situation at work.

    So i work as a sales assistance always being on the tills. I dont mind being on the tills but since ive started working at that place more than 6 months now ive always been put on the tills. It kind of getting boring of it now because it me always on the tills and never me putting out stock. At our work place we have 3 main managers, 6 back up managers and two just sales assistance. It always be if me on tills if im there. or the other sales assistance if he is there. I thought about the options i have about this situation but still not sure what to do. At my place there is only one tiller and if it gets busy you can call the second tiller.


    What do you need for assistance for

    You need to get more education and qualifications to further your career are there any made available by your company ?
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    I would just have a chat with one of the main managers asking if you could have a bit of a switch around and have a go at possibly doing something else one day (ie help with stock) and see what they say?

    Was just about to say the same as above, have a word with one of the managers about it, if you wish to progress within the same job only you can make that happen.

    If you find yourself getting nowhere after discussing it then it'll become a problem.
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    My wife is a retail manager of a major brand in a flagship store. As you can imagine there are a lot of staff carrying out various tasks. Due to the store being huge, staff's request of being put into other duties and switching up have always been accepted. The best option would be to apply elsewhere.. a store on a larger scale with more sales assistances so that you can gain experience in other departments and in return, you will be able to promote to higher levels. This is what my wife does with many staff.

    Understandably, finding a new job is probably your toughest option to carry out.. but as there are only 2 of you.. I'm not surprised you are finding it very difficult to get involved in other tasks.

    The unfortunate truth is, retail staff hate dealing with customers all the time.. and as managers have the upper hand, you will be stuck on whatever they want you to do.. which seems to be tills..

    Sounds like too many Chiefs and not enough Indians .

    Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.
    Prov. Too many people want to be the leader, and not enough people are willing to follow to do the detail work. eg : Everyone on that committee wants to be in charge. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. We'll never finish this project if everyone keeps trying to give orders. There are too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

    had a job on tills when at school - just 6 hours on a saturday but that alone was mind numbing - simply no variety.
    whereas my current 37.5 hour a week job flies by due to my mind being occupied.

    Get off the till and sit on a chair.. bit of a change!

    wow that place is more complex than mine I thought around 3/4 managers and 5/6 staff was over kill but 9 mangers and 2 staff is topping it off anyway look on the bright side u should be becoming a manager soon aswell as u usually u have 1 or 2 managers and rest the staff.just speak to a differnet each day and see if they will swap with u got more chances that way than with 1 manager.Seems pointless asking us unless u give us the phone number and we can ring in for u and ask them to put u on stocking shelfs instead or cleaning the toilets if that's what u want do instead.

    sounds like you doing to good a job that's why they keep putting you on the tills !
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