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Posted 5th Mar
Hi would could anyone recommend a good neck and shoulder support pillow and not too expensive.
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Id recommend a full Latex pillow, but pillows are very personal thing.
Some prefer hard, soft, high, low, feathers, latex, memory foam etc.
Its best to try out in the shops first
I cannot recommend much other than to change your title to something more descriptive than just "advice"
I can’t recommend much other than to find some manners .
Mss3705/03/2020 10:27

I can’t recommend much other than to find some manners .

Did you really just say that. I suggest that you read what I wrote. It was helpful, I don't know anything about pillows but only opened the thread as I didn't know the contents. Similarly others know about pillows but ignore a thread titled "Advice".

If you want to talk about manners, perhaps you could try saying please or thanks when you write a post requesting advice. Then you could consider not being rude to somebody who provides constructive feedback to assist with your end goal.

I have a contoured memory foam pillow, trouble is I can't remember where I got it from.

I bought a second one but it wasn't as good. So you need to be able to test them really.
Also note that it takes a few days to adjust, as I found it difficult to use at first, now it's my go-to pillow.
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