Advice about 19" LCD HD ready with freeview

    Region of £140-180.

    If anyone knows of any deals please let me know. Seen a Technika at Tesco but was hoping more established brands might be on offer around this price.

    For the kitchen so does not need to be bees knees.

    Thanks for any help you can give.



    How about this
    Sharp LC19D1EBK Black (19" Widescreen LCD TV - HD Ready - Freeview)…EBK

    Bought my kids 2 x 19" Technika's for Christmas and I must say I'm more than impressed. Wall mountable, PC connection, built in freeview and a slot that takes a Setanta Cards, it surpasses anything at a similar price. Picture is great although sound isn't too good, but hook it up to a surround or PC speaker and bobs your uncle.

    Going via quidco, money off voucher and delivery to a Tesco's Direct office, I ended paying around £125 for each TV. I'll see if I can find how I did it.

    I went via quidco and had a £15 off voucher (I can't find it but its on the site somewhere), got the items delivered to a Tesco's Direct Store for free and also clubcard points. I think the TV's actually came to a bit less than £125 each.

    Got this:…lc/

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    Thank you both for the responses.


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