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Found 8th Jun 2008
to cut a long story short missus signed up to around grand national time (she does a sweepstake in work so they use her account) a few days after joining she got a email from them saying how they had not been able to verify her name under our address (standard thing a lot of onlien bookies do it) so she had to send in id etc, weeks later she had no update so when the derby came around she just re-joined back up deposited her £100 and placed her shops sweep stake

to cut along story short she won around £125 (that includes her original £100 - so a £25 profit)

she tried to sign in later that evening and her account had again been blocked, so she called 888sport customer services who said there wasnt much they could do as they ddint deal with account that was a department that can be contacted only via email (ive sent an email) the customer service guy said he thinks they clsoed it down as it was linked to another closed down account (he said they had some problems with faxed id not being received) so they more then like never got it so just went ahead and closed the account

what is worrying her is what happened to the money she won as surely if they closed her account (thus voding her bets) which by the way the CS guy said that wasnt the case as he could she a profit of £25, does she

A) get her £100 stake back
B) ger her £125

as surely they couldnt just keep both or could they ???
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tbh she should AT LEAST regain her £100 stake. She is legal to gamble, and thats her money she bought from the business as credit. She did not "consume" the product (i.e usage the credit and service of gambling). Ok well she did sort of, but then the company took that away, which is almost like daylight robbery. I recommend phoning them again and ask for a person in charge (manager?) as they should have a record of anything deleted (hopefully)

And p.s.well done on the winning of £25, I hope you get that too. how come i'm never that lucky ?
If they want to they can just tell her that she has violated their terms and conditions by opening another account, thus meaning they can and most likely will keep the cash.

It all depends on how generous they feel on the day you call.

Do not hold your breath on ever seeing the cash again, but then again, you could be one of the lucky ones.

Just keep calling them and explain the situation, then ask to speak to a supervisor if you get no joy and do not put the phone down or accept anything less than speaking to a person with more authority.

But all in all, if the company decide they have not hit their targets for that week then you can kiss your £100 goodbye.

Sorry to be a bairer or bad news but you may have a 1 in 10 chance of getting your cash back.
HappyHour i would be very suprised if she didnt atleast get her £100 back, as i can understand them not paying her the winning's but not giving her a refund must surely be borderline stealing?? if the worse came to worse i would get her bank to look into it and reverse the transaction
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