Advice about Carers' Assessments and your entitlement to support

    I know this isn't for everyone and certainly isn't the deal or freebie that everyone on this site (including me!) loves to partake in. But I wanted to make people, especially carers, aware of the main Act and legislation that is going to be affecting how carers are 'seen' within the eyes of the law; how “putting carers on an equal legal footing to those they care for and putting their needs at the centre of the legislation” is going to be coming into affect (and should be rolled out presently); and how services should be helping you, as a carer, understand these changes and much more.

    As a carer and health and social services worker, it scares me to know of how many carers are not aware of their rights and the support that is out their for them; what they are entitled to in a non-fiscal way.

    So, if you're a carer and need more information on how you should and can be supported pleas take a look at these links!

    It is especially important at this time of year when some may be feeling the strain of supporting loved ones and who have never been made aware of something as important as a carers assessment and more.

    Have a great Christmas and a fab New Year!…pdf…pdf…014


    Thank you I shall be looking at the links .

    Original Poster

    You're welcome. Hope the info helps some people but even just one is cool too

    Thanks, I'll have a look at these as well, not for myself but someone very close.

    Ta op, very helpful links

    What saddens me is that when a carer become of pensionable age their carers support finishes.
    It's not like their carer role suddenly stops, the likelihood is that it will continue, and with the saving they are giving the NHS I personally think some fiscal amount should be given if only to cover petrol & basic things they require to fulfil their carer role.

    I haven't clicked the linkies but a good thread & carers are incredibly special people with my upmost respect.

    Original Poster

    Thanks sickly sweet :-)
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