Advice about catalogue returns - sending something back late

Found 2nd Jan 2009
Hi all.

I bought some trainers from Great Universal, but they were delivered on 16th December so I am a few days late returning them (they only give you 14 days).

Just wondered if anyone reckons I will have problems with them, I don't want them to send them back to me and charge me extra! (Think it's £12 per item)

Anyone had any experience with them? I wonder if they will be a bit more lenient, considering we have had the holidays?

Thanks in advance

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I wonder if they take bank hoildays into account with the 14 days?


surely they give you extra over the xmas period, i would just return them and say xmas gift that doesnt fit

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Think I will try it as I don't really want the trainers now, but it's 2 pairs and am worried about being charged if they want to return them both (2 charges)

it will be fine i do it all the time and have no probs

I use to deliver for Grattan,
a long time ago but you wouldn't belive the stuff people returned after a long time also used to get stuff just handed to me witout a bag or returns labels etc, unbelivable! am sure it will go back ok!

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Cool, thanks - am on my way to Post Office now! :thumbsup:

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Thanks all - sent them off and am feeling quite confident they will be okay :thumbsup:

Freemans charge for late returns. but I would of thought they would take xmas into account and let you return them.
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