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Posted 11th Nov

I could use some advice. I need a new phone, I currently have a Samsung S6, and its started having a few issues, so time for a replacement. I don't want to spend a fortune, If possible.

I haven't looked at phones for years, so i was unaware of the huge range of Chinese phones available. After a quick look, a one caught my eye. The Redmi Note 8. There is also a 'pro' version, can anyone tell me the difference between the two?

What are these Chinese phones like? A great buy for the money? I take it even the budget ones, like the Note 8 will be better than by older Samsung?

Finally, there are lots of options out there. If anyone can suggest a different phone, for about £200, then that would be great.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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id avoid mines lasted 6 months,was faulty on arrival,had to get a new one sent out,and the whole process was a nighmare.
i have no problem with Xiaomi.
My first Xiaomi Redmi 1s is still working.

However, i recommend you wait until Black Friday and see if you can bag a bargain from UK retailer.
Personally won't be comfortable to spend over £100 for item from oversea.
@MrSwitch might be able to hel
ive got the redmi note 5. great phone, no compalints from me
Had my xiaomi 2.5 years before I upgraded, worked great and would have happily got another if I'd not seen an exceptional deal on here for a Huawei. A friend has had xiaomi for years and is on their 3rd and loves them as well. You can get (some of) them from the UK now (or amazon fr, es etc.) too if you want warranty.
At the mo I have a Blackview rugged phone, as I am in the meat trade this phone has been faultless in a very tough enviroment
@clutch1988 Xiaomi phones are great, especially the redmi line.

The redmi line is their budget - mid range offering where you get good features vs price. You'll typically lose 'premium' features (like under screen fingerprint) or the latest / most powerful processor.

In terms of the redmi note 8, this is just released and a good mid range offering. The Pro improves on the specs and has been aimed at mobile gamers.

What I would recommend over the note 8 is the note 8T. This is the note 8 but for the european market and comes with NFC.

I've done a comparison of them here for you…812

In terms of buying. You can typically get them 20% cheaper from eglobal / aliexpress / gearbest. Eglobal likely to be more expensive of the three, but a bit better with customs charges I think.

If you don't like the thought of importing, then the note 8t is being launched on 22nd November both at the xiaomi UK site / store in london and also with at £169.99. So easily under your £200 budget.

Hope that helps
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