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    Hi. I arrived home from shopping yesterday to find my laptop (with the lid closed) sitting on our kitchen table covered in a light dousing of water, following a small leak from the roof. I felt relieved to see the lid down but even so, the water still managed to get in. There was evidence that the water damage was creeping from both sides of the screen - the screen is still viewable which is fortunate but it is slowly changing colour - from all white to solid and speckled grey. The bottom right hand screen almost looks blotchy/white and when the screen is tilted, it looks much worse. I also keep losing wireless internet connection, and the mouse touch pad/cursor keeps behaving erratically, which is really frustrating, even when I use a usb mouse (jumps around without any user input. Touchpad won't always allow upward movement, etc.). I have spoken to my insurance company as I have accidental damage cover (and it was a genuine accident) and am waiting for a call back, etc. I figure that the lcd screen needs to be replaced and the touchpad and wireless thing does too. The laptop is likely to be sent off to a company called BeValued for assessment to see if it can be repaired economically. It is an HP Pavillion G6032ea (now discontinued as per HP website). Does anyone have an idea as to how much it would cost to repair the items that I have mentioned just so that I can gauge the likely outcome of my claim. Thanks for you time.


    Best bet is to take it to a repair shop and get an estimate.

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    I just want an idea - my excess is £100 and I would imagine it would be more than that, though I am just guessing. Just trying to suss out whether the insurance company will repair or replace based on other people's experiences of the same or similar

    Roughly £70 for a screen on ebay. :thumbsup:
    had to change mine the other month

    try just leaving your laptop in the airing cupboard for a couple of days. it may all dry out

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    Roughly £70 for a screen on ebay. :thumbsup:had to change mine the other … Roughly £70 for a screen on ebay. :thumbsup:had to change mine the other month

    Don't want to do the repair myself after a bad experience I had with an lcd screen on a DS a few months ago. Probably not so fiddly but I'd rather not evenso.

    If they replace it they will give you one of a similar spec not a nice shiney up to date one!

    just dont turn the thing on for a few days and put it in the airing cupboard, if you turn it on it will be toast, but you already knew that cos its obvious!



    Oh look my sensitive electronic device is wet, I know, I'll turn it on, … Oh look my sensitive electronic device is wet, I know, I'll turn it on, do they not teach anything in school anymore?

    slightly harsh but lol xDDD

    i think the airing cupboard advice is a good one.... if it doesnt work then go for the repair thing. no idea how much itll cost though.

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    Hey you guys, what's with all the sarcasm?!! I only asked you for an idea of repair costs, didn't expect a lecture! Besides, I don't have an airing cupboard. Constructive comments welcome - no point dwelling on what I should've done or not done now. Sorry if I sound a bit 'off' but I guess I usually find this site helpful!

    we are helpful, just giving you some help and advice for the next time...

    Don't worry I've done it too you not alone on the Darwin Awards front

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