advice about mechanic, which one to go for?

    Hi there, I am in Grimsby area but not sure where to go.I can hear some noise behind the glovebox while driving my car. Sometimes, I can hear little scratching sound from the front passenger side wheel. Around 70 mph, I can feel some vibration too. Any idea what it could be?

    I want to show it to some mechanic, I have tried Bosch garages in other towns on some recommendation. I wonder if there is any recommendations here too or shall I simply go to some Bosch garage.

    Can soembody advise me about it. Rep will be left for any helpful comment.

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    brake pads worn, brake discs worn/warped, worn wheel bearings, could give you the wheel noise
    take off the front wheel & have a look for wear

    sounds like wheel bearings,try couple of local garages and see what they say,if you go to just one you stand the chance of being ripped off

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    Thanks a bunch guys I have taken the appointment from a garage for a no-obligation free quote. Once they diagnose the problem, i will have a word with a couple more.

    Thanks a lot, rep left for you :):thumbsup:

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    any idea how much it might cost on a ten years old honda civic?

    Well first thing to check is that your wheel is balanced, the lead weights can easily come off this can will make a noise and vibration at speed. If the noise stops when you break then its more likely wheel bearing but maybe the CV boot has split. But the major chains will do a check for free.

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    thanks for your time
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