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Found 6th Sep 2010
Ordered and paid for 3 tickets but 4 have turned up the 3 I've booked and 1 about 12 rows away what shall I do? Tell the ticket company or sell it on to a mate but would he get turned away because it's not mine?

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I would have thought that the company will eventually find out (based on the actual owner not recieving their ticket) and will send a replacement. If you tried to use it then firstly the numbers would be wrong and im guessing you wouldnt even get in!
If it helps it's football tickets and we always stand at away games so noone will kick up a fuss if there not in the right seat just a bit worried if I sell it on and he gets refused entry.
It will be someone's ticket but accidentally included with yours. I would phone / email the company concerned and tell them. Even taking a small chance at selling them may result in embarrassment for you and the buyer.

Think of the Karma....
The company will most likely find out, cancel that ticket and issue a replacement to the rightful owner so whoever you sell it to won't get in and will be pretty angry with you.
you wont even get through the turnstile/gate especially if its a eletric turnstile come scanner. They deactivate the ticket on the system, and then you will have one unhappy friend who cant get into the match as he "so called" mate sold him a dodgy ticket
Thanks for the advice guys Ive been told to take it and sell it to a tout on the way up as its then out of my hands with no comebacks but it will still end up in a innocent buyer's hands so im a bit stuck really I will have a conscience.
So do the honest thing...could you imagine how you would feel if you were the buyer of the touted ticket?
Give it to your mate for free and explain why. Then it's his choice if he tries and nothing lost if it doesn't work.
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