Advice about Very messing up an order and credit file concerns

    Hope anyone can help, just looking for advice for what you would do in my situation...

    We ordered a bed on a BNPL deal over black Friday with Very. The bed was around £700 with a delivery/pickup fee of £35. 2 weeks later the bed was dispatched but cancelled last minute as the delivery company damaged it. Very told me i needed to reorder the product. The price of the product had gone up to £1500 at this point. I spoke to them and they told me to order another at the higher cost, then once it was received they would refund the previous one and honour the price. They also offered to credit me back the £35 for the first beds deliver charge and credit it again on the second delivery for the hassle.

    Bed was delivered, but hadn't hit my account. The had however removed the first order.

    The new statement was just generated and they have added the new bed, at full cost to the account, without BNPL. I have a huge Take 3 payment due and a minimum payment of around £100. Obviously this is a error, no problems there everyone makes mistakes.

    I spoke to someone on chat and he said it was all sorted. He has moved the bed (at £1500) to my BNPL and told me that the item will be discounted to the price of the original order by the time the next statement is generated. I then asked him about the minimum payment that i owe on the statement. He recalculated it to say that the actual charge is £35 (if we take the bed off the balance, which he had just done), not the £100 it says. I enquired why there was a charge of £35 as it should have been credited on the account. He checked and found that I also have a £35 credit separate to this. He said i need to raise a separate refund for this.

    This seems odd, as the credit should pay for the correct balance on the account, but I don't really mind paying it if I am getting it back in the end.

    My question in all this is the £100 minimum payment on this months statement. As the statement has already been raised, regardless that now the item is moved onto BNPL, if i don't pay that £100 it could affect my credit file.

    So the statement says £100 min payment, the actual balance is £35, and i have a £35 credit on the account that i need to refund separately.

    Would you pay the £100 just to ensure everything stays kosher with your credit file? Then just request a refund next month as my account will be in credit.

    I know this isn't my fault but getting a mark on my credit file for it then trying to get them to remove it seems like it would be a nightmare. I have the conversation saved in my email.


    (Sorry it was so long)


    Personally if you have it I would just pay the £100.

    I would error towards caution and pay in the £100. I would assume it just means that you need to pay in less in the following months.

    Original Poster

    It seems safer to just pay it and get it back right? Thanks guys.

    I would pay n call them to enquire again to sort things out asap
    Never used very but I'm not fan of bnpl deals only one I used was Curry's once that was for my landlord on my name to be adjusted against my rent

    I'd pay it just to be safe. if you pester them it will get done sooner

    I agree with everyone above it will be a lot easier to pay and have it refunded than a mark appearing on your credit file for a missed payment which will be a lot more hassle to remove.

    I'd be more concerned that Very have messed up the order and are "promising" to sort it out. I've seen a number of threads hear before where people have been told similar and then been messed around. I'd make sure the overall amounts being charged were actually showing on the account more than how much to pay off . There is still the chance they could be lying to you as they have done to so many before.

    wondering do Very have free delivery codes for electrical items like a hob ?

    I Had same problem with very its so frustrating ringing them again and again. I only opened account to get a discount but honesty but worth the hassle. Check online to see if your account has been updated If not just pay the £100. And note to self when it's paid off cancel account not worth the headache

    Recently gone through a similar problem lasting over a month. Just this week, I've been refunded from both orders after speaking with Aphiwe on the phone. I can't promise you anything, but if you haven't yet paid it, then get back on chat and ask to speak with Aphiwe. Tell him that he has come recommended because he you are aware that he has sorted out a problem for someone else. He confirmed that I was able to request him and then ask him to call you. He called me immediately.
    I'm sorry you are going through this, I know it's not nice, but dig in, prepare to fight for your rights and put it down to a bad experience and avoid them in the future.
    Another note, he also refunded me my delivery costs so that my statement didn't need to be paid. I know it's slightly different for you but you could request that they refund your £100 until they sort out the other problems. Tell them you are concerned about your credit file and check that no payment is due when you do not owe it.
    Last of all, be strong and courageous, and I hope it goes well with you.
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