Advice - Asda Grill Cable Exploded and Damaged My Work Top

I bought asdas equililant to a george forman grill approx 2 years ago, the cable recently blew and cought fire leaving a burn mark in my kitchen top about the size of 2 or 3 50p peices.

now i know the grill is 24 months old but it shouldnt have cought fire regardless of the age of the item????

they have responded saying the cable was over flexed but the burn occured within the first inch of the wire leaving the grill so that part will get flexed every time the ite is used???

they have sent a £40 voucher



I think the £40 is about all you'll see unless you start getting a lawyer to respond for you (do you know any - might be worth asking on here for a lawyer to help). This may turn out to be a money pit though.
Home contents insurance cover it?
You may have to put it down to experience - sorry.

What exactly did they mean "overflexed"?, is this implying it was some fault of yours?,
as it stands assuming no misuse you have every chance of suing them and winning under the SOGa,
but.... and it is a big but, to win you would have to prove no misuse and that it was a manufacturing fault that caused this.

did you send the grill back to them?

Report it to watch dog and if it is a recurring problem with that product they will put it on TV and you will have the ammunition for compensation or you can go and see a lawyer and put the frighteners on them but beware if it can be put down to improper usage you would be liable for the costs.


If you are going to attempt claiming compensation of some sort then you … If you are going to attempt claiming compensation of some sort then you would be best sending them back the £40 voucher as if you use it it might be classed as acceptance of an offer to settle

doubtful as it will have been sent with no liability admitted ie "a goodwill gesture", otherwise its an admission of fault and would guarantee winning

Original Poster

they said it was over flexed through use, but like i say it was with in the first inch of the wire leaving the grill so it would have moved/flexed every time the grill moved.

i will be sending the voucher back dont worry

GO down the small claims route - but you will need a independent electricals tester to confirm it was not due to user handling, i.e. a design problem.
Take photos of your worktop etc, and then get some quotes for the work.

Not a chance, you have to prove negligence on their part and after 24 months of use they will state as they have done by saying "overflexed", that you abused the item either intentionally or unintentionally. I would accept the £40 and check your household insurance.
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