Advice: Buying a house built on a mine - help...

Posted 23rd Nov 2012
been to view a house, im a first time buyer. its up for 80k, which is about average near me.

they are willing to accept 70k, as the last buyers pulled out, as their solicitor advised them agains buying the property as the report stated there was a mine within 20 feet, but the records from the 1700's were very sketchy. the annual reports have come back with no movements or any structural issues.

We have viewed and it is a nice house, its just with the issue of the mine, not sure of anything. the estate agent, who i know is biased, says there is an indemnity, so any work will be covered, and there will be an annual inspection of the property. the banks have said they will find the mortgage on this property.

any help/advice is greatly appreciated on this one.

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